Multi-Index to the Law of Moses

by Steve Singleton (2007-005) $3.95

Did you ever want to study what the Law of Moses says on a topic, but you weren't sure where to find it? Now you can with this multi-index of the Torah.

Index 1 features major topics including Preamble, Worship, Physical Purity, Business Dealings & Politics, and Morality, with numerous sub-topics.

Index 2 is an alphabetical listing of each command, according to keywords.

Index 3 lists all of the commands in the order they occur in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

Index 4 lists the 613 commandments, first compiled by RAMBAM (Maimonides): 248 positive commands and 365 negative commands. This final list ends with a glossary of technical terms.

This multi-index provides the resources for a thorough study of the Law of Moses, or the basis for a quick check on any topic. 39 pages. 565kb.

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