What He says goes

It was a close little league game between the Marlins and the Eagles. The Marlins were at bat--two outs, bases loaded. The catcher missed a high pitch, ripped off his mask, and rushed back for the ball. But he couldn't find it. He searched frantically around on the ground behind the umpire while the runner on third trotted home. The boy from second rounded third and was on his way in when the catcher found the ball jammed in the mesh of the backstop. He grabbed it and ran to make the tag--"Safe!"

That's when the dispute broke out. One of the Eagles' coaches called time out and strode toward the ump, waving the rule book. He called over the Marlins' coach, and the three of them stood there and talked for five minutes. Apparently, the rule book discusses situations similar to but not exactly the same as what had happened. Neither of the coaches nor the ump was sure what was fair.

Finally, the ump asked a fan to fetch Troy, a middle-aged man who was working the concession stand. The ump explained to Troy what had happened. Troy said two words, "One base," and the controversy was over. The first run counted, but the boy who came home from second had to go back to third. The game resumed as if nothing had happened.

I was amazed and impressed. Two words had settled it. Two words from the only man whose experience gave him more authority than the rule book. No one disputed or questioned. None of the fans objected. If Troy said it, that settled it.

Jesus has that same kind of authority, always has had. "Let there be light," and there was light. "Follow me," and the tax collector left everything behind. For the Christian there can be no higher authority. And even for the non-Christian, a day is coming when every knee will bow and every tongue will confess His lordship.

Jesus said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me" (Matt. 28:19). If He promises forgiveness to those submitting to His authority, they can be certain of their salvation. Those who ignore Him or rebel against His claims will pay the consequences--make no mistake. Nothing is more certain. What He says goes.

—Steve Singleton