Bible reading – slower, not faster


Bible reading – slower, not faster

People who try to read through the Bible in a year are often reading so lickety split that they miss the details. Rapid reading is good for getting an overview, but I would recommend reading the same passage over and over, at least five or six times. The fourth or fifth or sixth time through, something wonderful often happens, at least for me. It is not unusual for me to exclaim out loud, “Oh, I get it! Of course! Why haven’t I seen that before?” Then I feel a rush of guilt, and I think, “I am so shallow! I’ve read this passage before; why didn’t I see this?”

Steve has been a Bible teacher for over 30 years. He has written many articles, more than 20 e-books, and several study guides, most recently, Overcoming: Guide to Understanding the Book of Revelation. His website,, encourages all people to go deeper in their understanding of the Word of God, the Bible, and to become authentic, New Testament Christians who serve a risen Lord.

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