Craig L. Blomberg

craig blombergCraig L. Blomberg (1955- ) completed his PhD in New Testament, specializing in the parables and the writings of Luke-Acts, at Aberdeen University, Scotland. He received the MA from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and a BA from Augustana College. Before joining the faculty of Denver Seminary, he taught at Palm Beach Atlantic College and for an academic year was a research fellow in Cambridge, England.

Blomberg stands in the conservative evangelical tradition, but has been known for his wide interaction with mainstream scholarship and his willingness to challenge the evangelical status quo. For example, he has been outspoken in chiding evangelicals for their blanket condemnation of Liberation Theology, he has often been critical of American evangelical scholarship, and he fostered a dialogue with Mormon professor Stephen E. Robinson of BYU, which resulted in the book How Wide the Divide? An Evangelical and a Mormon in Conversation. He was also one of several interviewed for The Case for Christ, a popular book by Lee Strobel.

Blomberg has written on a diverse range of issues including wealth and poverty, hermeneutics, and women in ministry. However, his academic work has tended to focus on the Historical Jesus and Gospels research. — Steve

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