The Four Pillars of Christian Zionism


Is the unconditional support of Israel our Christian duty? $4.95

Are the promises God made to Abraham over 3,000 years ago still valid? Can the modern state of Israel lay claim to the land promise God made to the patriarchs and renewed to the Israelites? Are the plans underway to build a Jewish temple on the Temple Mount a fulfillment of biblical prophecy? You will find answers to these questions and more in this thoroughly researched and lucidly written introduction to the modern movement of Christian Zionism. Singleton offers a critique of the four core tenets of the movement based on a careful analysis of the relevant biblical passages. He also provides an overview of the political situation in Israel-Palestine and surveys the various options now under consideration.

Documentation includes 124 footnotes, 99 sources, and eight illustrations, most of them in color. Second edition also features 69 questions for Group Discussion.

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