History of the Christian Church by Philip Schaff

Orig. published 1886

Vol. 2: Ante-Nicene Christianity - A.D. 100-325

Preface to 3rd ed. rev.

Preface to 5th ed.

Preface to 2nd ed.


Introduction to Ante-Nicene Age

  1. Spread of Christianity
  2. Persecution of Christianity & Christian Martyrdom
  3. Literary Contest of Christianity with Judaism & Heathenism
  4. Organization & Discipline of the Church
  5. Christian Worship
  6. Christian Art
  7. Church in the Catacombs
  8. Christian Life in in Contrast with Pagan Corruption
  9. Ascetic Tendencies
  10. Montanism
  11. Hersies of Ante-Nicene Age
  12. Development of Catholic Theology in Conflict with Heresy
  13. Ecclesiastical Literature of Ante-Nicene Age & Biographical Sketches of Church Fathers

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Index of Scripture References

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