History of the Christian Church by Philip Schaff

Orig. published 1886

Vol. 7: The German Reformation



  1. Orientation
  2. Luther's Training for the Reformation, 1483-1517
  3. German Reformation from Publication of Luther's Theses to Diet of Worms, 1517-1521
  4. The German Reformation from Diet of Worms to Peasants' War, 1521-1525
  5. Inner Development of Reformation from Peasants' War to Diet of Augsburg, 1525-1539
  6. Propagation & Persecution of Protestantism in Germany till 1530
  7. Sacramentarian Controversies
  8. Political Situation between 1526 and 1529
  9. Diet & Confession of Augsburg, 1530
  10. Close of the Middle Ages

Index of Scripture References

Index of Greek Words and Phrases

Index of German Words & Phrases

Index of French Words & Phrases