How to embed God’s Word in your heart: Memorize by singing Scripture

singing scripture
singing bible verses
memorize bible verses by singing

Check out the Scottish Psalter, whose rendering of Psalm 23 many of us know by heart: Many of these poeticized versions of the Psalms you can sing to familiar hymn-tunes if only you become familiar with some of the common meter schemes:

Common meter (8-6-8-6) – for example: Amazing Grace.
Short meter (6-6-8-6) – for example: Rise up, O men of God
Long meter (8-8-8-8) – for example: Praise God from whom all blessings flow

For an extended explanation, see the Wikipedia article “Meter (hymn”:

I am trying to set Scriptures to acappella songs. Go here for examples: (over half a million views).