Bible in Modern Languages (other than English)

Here are a wide variety of Bible translations, 27 of the Bible in English, and 35 of the Bible in other modern languages. The English ones run the range from very literal versions, through versions claiming dynamic equivalence, to paraphrases. Most of those from other languages are of the dynamic equivalence type.


Chart: The Development of the English Bibletranslation of the bible in english | Chart: The Translation Continuum (between word-for-word and thought-for-thought) | See B. M. Metzger’s Theories of the Translation Process | Persistent Problems Confronting Bible Translators | Frederick Field’s Notes on the Translation of the New Testament | The Bible Translator (qtrly, 1950-2000)

Other modern language Bibles (non-English)

(NOTE: In the following list, I have tried as much as possible to prefer modern-speech Bible translations over traditional [read ‘antiquated’] ones. The rationale for this is to make this list of Bible translations useful for seekers, for whom the traditional Bible translations may be more hindrance than help.) A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

  1. Arabic (Book of Life translation, NT listed first) | Book of Life Audio | Smith-Van Dyke version
  2. Bengali
  3. Bulgarian (NT only)
  4. Burmese (NT only)
  5. Cambodian (Khmer) (NT only, text & audio)
  6. Chinese
  7. Croatian (NT only)
  8. Danish
  9. Dutch (1988 IBS translation)
  10. Farsi (IBS translation) | Audio (NT only)
  11. French La Bible du Semeur
  12. German (Hoffnung für Alle, NT only) | Elberfelder Bibel (1871) | Luther’s translation (1545)
  13. Greek – Modern
  14. Hebrew (NT only)
  15. Hindi
  16. Hungarian (NT only)
  17. Indonesian (NT only)
  18. Italian (1997 La Parola è Vita, NT only) [TOP]
  19. Japanese
  20. Korean (IBS translation, NT only)
  21. Malayam
  22. Nepali (NT only)
  23. Norwegian (1906 Norst Bibelen)
  24. Portuguese (Brazilian) Nova Versão Internacional
  25. Punjabi
  26. Romanian (NT only, with par. col. in Eng.)
  27. Russian
  28. Serbian (NT only)
  29. Spanish (Nueva Versión Internacional)
  30. Swedish (1917 Bibeln eller Den Heliga Skrift Konungen År)
  31. Tamil
  32. Telugu
  33. Thai (NT only)
  34. Ukrainian (NT only)
  35. Vietnamese (NT only) [TOP]