Inscriptions (NT)

new testament background

Caesar Augustus wears cuirass celebrating negotiated peace with Parthia (click image for more)

  1. Index of Sources for Greek and Latin Epigraphy
  2. Major inscriptions pertaining to the New Testament
    1. Acts of Augustus (Res Gestae Divi Augustus)– Latin, Greek, & English in parallel columns
    2. Erastus inscription at Corinth – Photo and description | Discussion
    3. Gallio inscription at Delphi – Description | Significance | Photos
    4. Pontius Pilate inscription at Caesarea Maritima
    5. Secular Games of 17 BCE – Latin text | English text
    6. Synagogue inscription at Corinth
    7. Temple balustrade warning in Jerusalem
  3. Introduction to Epigraphy
  4. EAGLE Project database of inscriptions(“EAGLE” stands for: Europeana network of Ancient Greek and Latin Epigraphy)