Snorkeler’s Guide to the Bible

Do you want to understand the Bible better but feel lost about how to start? Have you been misled in the past and want to think things through for yourself? Are you curious about what the Bible is really all about? Then “The Shallows” is the right place for you to start.

I have sectioned off “The Shallows” into five “pools”: introducing the Bible as a whole, then the Old Testament, Judaism, the New Testament, and Christianity. Each “pool” consists of answers to ten basic questions. You can pick and choose what answers to read by clicking once on each question. I’m still writing the answers, so look for this section of DeeperStudy to expand.

  1. Introduction to the Bible
  2. Introduction to the Old Testament
  3. Introduction to Judaism
  4. Introduction to the New Testament
  5. Introduction to Christianity