Alphabetical Index of Church Leaders

Alexander of Alexandria (3rd)
Alexander (3rd)
Alexander of Cappadocia (3rd)
Anatolius (3rd)
Apostolic Constitutions (3rd-4th)
Apostolic Teaching (3rd-4th)
Archelaus (3rd)
Aristides (2nd)

Arminius, James (16th)

Arnobius (3rd)
Asterius Urbanus (3rd-4th)

Athanasius (4th-5th)

Athenagoras (2nd)

Augustine (4th-5th)

Barnabas (2nd)

Caius (3rd)

Calvin, John (16th)

Campbell, Alexander (19th)
Chrysostom (4th-5th)
Clement of Alexandria (2nd)
Clement of Rome (2nd)
Clement of Rome (false?) (3rd-4th)
Cyprian (3rd)
Decretals (3rd-4th)
Didache (2nd)
Diognetus (2nd)
Dionysius (3rd)
Dionysius of Alexandria (3rd-4th)
Edessa Memoirs (3rd-4th)

Edwards, Jonathan (18th)

Eusebius of Caesarea (4th-5th)

Finney, Charles (19th)
Francis of Assisi (12th-13th)
Graham, Billy (20th)
Gregory Thaumaturgus (3rd)

Hermas (2nd)

Hippolytus (3rd)

Ignatius (2nd)

Irenaeus (2nd)

Jerome (4th-5th)

John Chrysostom (4th-5th)

Julius Africanus (3rd)

Justin Martyr (2nd)

Keeble, Marshall (20th)
King, Martin Luther, Jr. (20th)
Liturgies (3rd-4th)

Luther, Martin (16th)

Malchion (3rd)
Melanchthon, Philipp (16th)
Methodius (3rd)
Minucius Felix (3rd)
Moody, Dwight L. (19th)

Nicene Creed (3rd-4th)

Novatian (3rd)

Origen (3rd)

Pamphilius (3rd)
Papias (2nd)
Peter of Alexandria (3rd)
Phileas (3rd)
Pierius of Alexandria (3rd)

Polycarp (2nd)

Shepherd of Hermas (2nd)

Simons, Menno (16th)

Spurgeon, Charles (19th)

Sunday, Billy (19th-20th)
Syriac Documents (3rd-4th)

Tatian (2nd)

Teaching of 12 Apostles (2nd)

Teresa, Mother (20th)

Tertullian (3rd)

Testaments of the 12 Patriarchs (3rd-4th)

Theodotus (3rd-4th)
Theognostus of Alexandria (3rd)
Theonas of Alexandria (3rd)
Theophilus of Antioch (2nd)

Thomas Aquinas (13th)

12 Patriarchs, Testaments of (3rd-4th)

Venantius (3rd-4th)
Victorinus (3rd-4th)

Warfield, Benjamin B. (19th-20th)

Wesley, John (18th)

Whitfield, George (18th)

Want to go deeper?

The following resources can help you learn more about the Church Fathers and church history.

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    1. Everett Ferguson. Early Christians Speak: Faith and Life in the First Three Centuries.Volume 1 (1997) | Volume 2 (2002) What did the earliest church fathers say about baptism, the Lord’s Supper, church music, and other topics? Ferguson is a top scholar in early church history.
    2. Everett Ferguson. Inheriting Wisdom: Readings for Today from Ancient Christian Writers (2004)
    3. Philip Schaff. History of the Christian Church, 8 vols. (orig. publ. c. 1910; reprint: 1985). This is one of the best classic works on church history and the Church Fathers, and at an outstanding price!
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