Why I launched DeeperStudy.com

I love to study the Bible and related steve_photosubjects for a number of reasons. As God’s Word, the Bible is His message to us human beings with as broad a coverage as human experience.

Yet, because God’s infinite nature is reflected in His Word, I find there not only breadth but depth—no matter how deeply I dive in, the fathomless deep remains beneath me.

Unfortunately, however, I find most people—even most believers—are biblically illiterate. I perceived the need for challenging all of us to study harder, learn more, and discover the “riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God.” That’s really where I’ve been headed my entire life.

DeeperStudy.com is my way of encouraging you to grow in your understanding of God’s Word and to love Him, not only with your heart, soul, and strength, but also with your mind.

Please leave comments and let me know what you think. What do you like about DeeperStudy, and what do you find annoying? Is there anything I should add to this site? Anything I should definitely delete? Thanks for your help in making DeeperStudy.com become the first place people go when they want to study God’s Word more deeply.