Everett Ferguson

everett ferguson

A 1953 graduate of Abilene Christian, Everett Ferguson (1933- ) earned a Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1959. He joined the Abilene Christian faculty in 1962. He is recognized as an authority on church history throughout the scholarly world, with a special emphasis on the ante-Nicene church.

In the preface to a festschrift presented to him on his 65th birthday, Yale Divinity School professor emeritus Abraham Malherbe wrote, “Everett Ferguson’s unassuming manner has not prevented him from making extraordinary contributions to scholarship. His enormous capacity to amass prodigious amounts of information, his great powers of concentration, and his well-honed intellect have combined to make him a person of great erudition. They have also resulted in scholarship that is commonsensical and trustworthy.”

Although Ferguson retired from full-time teaching in 1990 to devote himself to research, he continued teaching occasionally until 2007-08. Ferguson has been an elder of the Hillcrest Church of Christ for many years. He lectures on patristics, church history, and ecclesiology throughout the world.

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