William Barclay

william barclayWilliam Barclay (1907-1978) was appointed Professor of Divinity and Biblical Criticism at Glasgow University in 1963. A gifted scholar and preacher, he has made his lifework sharing his understanding of the Bible with the lay person. A regular contributor to British magazines and journals, he was also an experienced radio and TV broadcaster.

Strengths: Barclay is wonderful for his insights into both Old Testament and New Testament backgrounds and especially for this word studies, drawn from classical and rabbinic sources.

Weaknesses: Barclay was neo-orthodox, which means he uses biblical terms but sometimes changes their meanings. He sometimes seems unconcerned about the historicity of biblical narratives so long as the religious meaning is true. He consistently rejects or explains away the miraculous in Scripture. He was also a universalist, holding that everyone eventually will be saved. Both of these views are contrary to the plain teaching of Holy Scripture. –Steve

The Lord’s Supper (2012)

Crucified and Crowned (2012)

Letters to the Seven Churches: A Study of the Second and Third Chapters of the Book of Revelation (2012)

Love: What the Bible Tells Us About Christian Love (2012)

The Making of the Bible (2012)

Flesh and Spirit (2012)

Forgiveness: What the Bible Tells Us About Forgiveness (2012)

Joy: What the Bible Tells Us About Joy (2011)

Money: What the Bible Tells Us About Wealth and Possessions (2011)

Prayer: What the Bible Tells Us About Prayer (2011)

Barclay’s Guide to the New Testament (2008)

A Barclay Prayer Book (2003)

The New Daily Study Bible, New Testament – 17 vols. (2002)

The Promise of the Spirit (2001)

Great Themes of the New Testament (2001)

The Lord is My Shepherd (2001)

Discovering Jesus (2000)

The Ten Commandments (1999)

The Lord’s Prayer (1999)

The Apostles’ Creed (1999)

The Ten Commandments (1999)

Parables of Jesus (1999)

Good Tidings of Great Joy: The Birth of Jesus the Messiah (1999)

Introducing the Bible (1997)

Beginner’s Guide to the New Testament (1995)

The Mind of Jesus (1976)

New Testament Words (1976)


Jesus and the Cross (2001)

Introduction to the First Three Gospels (rev. ed., 1976)

And He Had Compassion: The Miracles of Jesus (1976)

The Mind of St. Paul (1975)

The Master’s Men (1975)

And Jesus Said: A Handbook on the Parables of Jesus (1970) [TOP]

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