Go Deeper! Volume One by Steve C. Singleton

go deeper ebookGo Deeper! Volume One by Steve C. Singleton (#1490193, 278 pages 7½” x 10½” in PDF format) $1.00. (click here or on cover photo for 25 sample pages)

Do you want to overcome Bible illiteracy, gain a basic understanding of Scripture, and form a real relationship with God, Jesus, and the Spirit? This year’s worth of cartoons, accompanied by dozens of related essays will show you how. Included are all of the cartoons and postings in the first year of the popular Friday Facebook cartoon, “Go Deeper!” (May 2015 to May 2016).

The main characters include:

  • Steve, a life-long Bible student eager to share what he’s learning but also eager to learn more. Sometimes he’s wrong, and often he’s silly.
  • Cindy, Steve’s wife, who also knows the Bible well and has a lot of practical wisdom (if only Steve would listen!).
  • Adolf, a smart seeking of truth. He wants to learn more about the Bible, God, and Jesus. Steve and Cindy recently met him, and they became friends.
  • Kerry, Steve and Cindy’s good friend. He’s been a Christian for some time and has a good grasp on the basics. He’s eager to grow in Christ.

This is a great e-book if you want to grow in your grasp of the Bible, learn how to study it carefully, and gain a Christian perspective. It also makes a great gift for someone you want to encourage. Each essay concludes with a listing of resources you can use to go deeper.
Check out our sample: the first 25 pages.
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