Uncial Manuscripts of the Septuagint

From Intro. to the Greek OT by H. B. Swete (2d ed., 1914), 124. (Caution: It is quite likely that several of these manuscripts have changed location in the past 100 years. See more recent & more complete list (PDF, 401 kb).

Lagarde’s Symbol Name of Codex Century Present locality & additional
A Alexandrinus v London
B Vaticanus iv Rome
C Ephraemi v Paris
D Cottonianus v London
E Bodleianus ix Oxford
F Ambrosianus v Milan
G Sarravianus v Leyden, Paris, St Petersburg
H Petropolitanus vi St Petersburg
I Bodleianus ix Oxford
K Lipsiensis vii Leipzig
L Vindobonensis v Vienna
M Coislinianus vii Paris
N Basilianus viii Rome
O Dublinensis vi Dublin
Q Marchalianus vi Rome
R Veronensis vi Verona
S = א Sinaiticus iv Leipzig, St Petersburg
T Turicensis vii Zurich
U Londinensis vii London
V Venetus viii Venice
W Parisiensis ix Paris
X Vaticanus ix Rome
Y Taurinensis ix Turin
Za幼 Fragment Tischendorfiana
Γ Cyrptoferratensis viii Grotta ferrata
Δ Bodeianus iv Oxford
Θ Washingtoniensis v University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Π Petropolitanus viii St Petersburg

Want to dive deeper?

The following are useful resources for learning more about the Septuagint (LXX).

Recommended for purchase:

Karen H. Jobes and Moisés Silva. Invitation to the Septuagint (2005).
Comprehensive, yet user-friendly introduction to the Septuagint useful to beginning LXX students as well as seasoned scholars. Explores the history of the Septuagint, the various versions available, its importance for biblical studies, and the current state of research.

Timothy R. McLay. The Use of the Septuagint in New Testament Research (2003).
Analyzes New Testament citations of the Jewish Scriptures in Greek, demonstrating the ubiquitous LXX influence on early Christian writings, and offering basic principles for bridging the research gap between these two critical texts.

Sidney Jellicoe. Septuagint and Modern Study (1968, reprint 1989).
Presents major updates in the developement of Septuagint studies since 1920. Discusses current problems in this field of study as well as to suggest along what lines future studies might be expected to proceed.

Online resources:

The Septuagint Online – Electronic resources for the study of the Septuagint and old Greek versions.