Latayne C. Scott

latayne c. scottDr. Scott and I were in high school creative writing class together, and for her at least, it has only been up from there. Latayne has written 16 books and many poems and articles. I am proud just to be her acquaintance, much more her friend.
The Hinge of Your History: The Phases of Faith (2010)
Latter-day Cipher: A Novel
The Mormon Mirage: A Former Member Looks at the Mormon Church Today 3rd ed. (2009)
Discovering the City of Sodom: The Fascinating, True Account of the Discovery of the Old Testament’s Most Infamous City – co-author: Dr. Steven Collins (2012) Unabridged audio book | e-book | paperback new or used
Passion, Power, Proxy, Release: Scriptures, Poems, and Devotional Thoughts for Communion and Worship Services (2016)
The Heart’s Door: Hospitality in the Bible (2016)
Crisis – Crucible of Praise: Finding Grace in the Midst of Adversity (1992)
Just You, Me and God: A Devotional Guide for Couples Reading Through the Bible in One Year (2016)
Mountains of Mercy: One Family’s Story of Hope in Crisis co-author Lavone D. Genzink (2014)
The Red Cord of Hope: When History Stopped for One Woman of Faith (2002)
Why We Left Mormonism: Eight People Tell Their Stories (1992)
After Mormonism, What? Reclaiming the Ex-Mormon’s Worldview for Christ (1994)
Open Up Your Life: A Woman’s Workshop on Christian Hospitality (1983)
A Marriage Made in Heaven: The Eternal Love of the Bride and Bridegroom co-author Glenn Greenwood (1990)
Why We Left a Cult: Six People Tell Their Stories (1993)
To Love Each Other (1985)
Time, Talents, Things: A Woman’s Workshop on Christian Stewardship (1987)