Online texts of Greek NT

  1. Erwin Nestle – How to Use a Greek New Testament (1951)
    1. Novum Testamentum Graece (Nestle-Aland 28th ed.) – text for online reading (Greek only) | purchase N-A, 28th | purchase N-A, 28th with ESV on facing pages
    2. United Bible Societies, 5th ed. – text for online reading (Greek only) | purchase UBS4
    3. Eclectic Greek text (Nestle/Aland 26th ed.)
    4. Original Nestle text (1898) – no Greek font needed to view
    5. Byzantine-type text (Robinson-Pierpoint, 2000 ed. – similar to Textus Receptus)
    6. Greek/English Interlinear (Scrivener’s text base for KJV, in uncial script)
    7. Society of Biblical Literature Greek New Testament with critical apparatus
    8. Greek text with online critical apparatus