Septuagint (OT in Greek)

Here are the best resources I could find across the internet regarding the Septuagint (LXX or Greek Old Testament, including the Apocrypha). Keep returning to this page often, because I will be updating it as new resources arise.

  1. Intro. to the OT in Greek by H. B. Swete (2d ed., 1914)
  2. Septuagint3a (Rahlfs-Hanhart, 2d rev. ed.) – text for online reading (Greek only) | purchase R-H, rev. ed.
  3. Greek text with Eng. transl. in parallel column
  4. List of LXX manuscripts (based on Swete’s Intro.)
  5. Modern Eng. transl. of LXX
  6. Eng. transl. of LXX by L. C. L. Brenton, 1851
  7. Comparison of Brenton’s transl. with Masoretic Text (KJV) verse by verse
  8. Purchase: Invitation to the Septuagint4 by Karen H. Jobes & Moisés Silva | Scholarly ed. | Greek/Eng. (in par. col.)